0006 – Samaya


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Samaya


The saga of Sin Problemas continues with the arrival of “Samaya” at the hallowed altar of dance music.

🔲 True to form, Samaya was never planned. I always thought that as a new producer I could just enter the studio and recreate whatever sound that was going on in my head at the time, but that has hardly ever been the case..

I’ve always been seduced by the melodic side of electronic music just as much as I have been by the percussive side, but most of my music has always turned out to be more percussive in nature, until Samaya was born one night when I was still living in Los Angeles. 👁

❗I was so excited to realize that I was finally adding diversity to my sonic portfolio through this record. I’ve always been a disciple of maestro @djhernancattaneo and @djjohndigweed and wanted to pay my respects to the world of progressive electronic music, and I certainly feel this hit the mark. 💯

Groovy, melodic, and emotive – Samaya will undoubtedly take you along a much different journey than my previous music has. It’s definitely one of my pieces that I’m most proud of, and I’m delighted to finally release it into its natural habitat once and for all! 🕺

With that said, I humbly offer the sixth chapter of the SIn Problemas saga to the beautiful people of earth. 🔮

Tattoo your mind and surrender yourself to the sound of Sin Problemas. 🧬

0006 – Samaya.

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