0008 – Vainglorious


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Vainglorious

I’ve diligently produced the sonic algorithms for the Sin Problemas project for the past nine years without taking any mind to the marketing angle of my project. This is because of the strong conviction I hold in seeing social media as the very antithesis of what it truly means to be an artist. I GUESS you can blame my rebellious nature for holding such a sentiment.

Vainglorious has arrived on the scene late due to the current battle that I’m having in my mind with adapting to the digital world, its benchmark being social media.

Ego, narcissism, and self-aggrandizement do not belong to the Sin Problemas project. It’s been such a challenge presenting my music to you in a light absent of such lower dimensional sensations, but I humbly do so today with the birth of my eighth release entitled “Vainglorious.”

It’s always a challenge plucking the right sound that accurately describes the nuances of my emotional palette.

I’ve produced a variety of moods throughout the electronic spectrum, but nothing leaves me as intoxicated as a proper deep tech record. 😈

Vainglorious was born out of my intense passion for the deeper and darker side of electronic music. I should provide a bit more of an in-depth examination of the track, but on a conscious level I am unable to do so because it was born from my higher self, an unconscious plane of my existence that has always innerstood how to conduct the necessary alchemy to bring a deep and edgy record to the surface of the underground circuit. 🎯

Vainglorious has always been a record that has lied dormant in my body of work that consistently brings out the proverbial chills down my spine. When I listen to it, I feel a certain part of my mission on this planet is complete: giving back to the community that has given so much to me.

I can only hope it has the same affect over your mind, body, and soul.

Tattoo your mind with the 0008th release from the sound of Sin Problemas. Give the track justice and tune in on a proper system where you can completely feel the music. 🎼x


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