0019 – Cubism


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Ushering in my 0019th release in the form of “Cubism” is a very symbolic occasion for me. I remember being someone just getting into the world of music production addicted to acquiring more knowledge on what I loved the most, which lead me to the legendary Laidback Luke’s producer forum which was an absolute gem of a resource that was instrumental in shaping my understanding of this complex and cryptic world that is electronic music.

One of the important takeaways that I had from this forum was LBL mentioning the importance of fully producing, mixing, and mastering 20 tracks. He felt that at this point you are ready to finally start properly shopping your music out to labels in all confidence knowing that you belong there. This 0019th release obviously signifies me further approaching this hallowed point of my journey as someone that contributes a higher vibrational form of my own unique energy signature.

Cubism is a bit of a walk down a different path musically compared to the music I’ve been releasing. It’s definitely inspired by breaks, something that I use to listen to a lot as a young lad. Showing versatility in my body of work has always been important, and I think this project does just that. It’s hard staying in 4×4 land all the time because eventually everything just starts sounding the same. It’s natural for an artist to want to expand his / her vision into a new territory. I always learn the most when experimenting with different sounds.

With that said – sit back and relax and enjoy the flight into cruising altitude with my 0019th release. You’re sure to notice something new about my sound that you didn’t before.

Sin Problemas – Cubism: Available world wide ✨🔊🌎🔊✨

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