Who is

The Sound of Sin Problemas

Founded in 1990

Sin Problemas arrives as the newest member of the underground dance music circuit, wasting no time in delivering a constant stream of cutting edge electronic music to the people of earth.

With a well of untapped potential waiting to be unleashed, this brainchild is the byproduct of many years of contemplation and self-examination that manifested itself into the universal language of many: rhythm and emotion.

Inspired by the likes of Trance and Techno, the sound of Sin Problemas represents the finest in forward-thinking electronic music. Hailing from the United States, this seasoned producer looks to make waves in the underground realm, aiming to conduct an exploration of the human senses with the intent of guiding his audience through the meticulously crafted portfolio of sonic algorithms channeled through a higher power.

*This* is Sin Problemas. x
He who is known to leave a seductive spell via cryptic, enigmatic, and tantalizing sound waves….

….A highly energized pistol of raw drive sent from the other side….

On a mission to deliver the finest in deep and seductive groove….