0001 – Mask of Sanity


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Mask of Sanity

After many years spent in pursuit of the elusive human construct that we all know as “perfection,” the sound of Sin Problemas finally enters the dance music circuit with the world premier of “Mask of Sanity.” This was produced by me years ago when I was still living in LA. It was such an inspiring time for me, being in the city of angels, surrounded by a wealth of passion and creative energy. I always knew that I wanted to release this track first, whenever that date would be. I honestly never thought my own sense of innate “perfectionism” would allow me to let this go, but eventually you just take that leap into the unknown and let the universe handle the rest.

I’m delighted to be able to have a platform where I am able to stand behind my body of work in all confidence and share my energy with you, and I can only hope that you find some sense of innate beauty, soul, and rhythm within the offerings that I make at the altar of dance music.


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