0002 – Conversation At Midnight


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Conversation At Midnight

:**PREMIER**:: Conversation At Midnight
Today I’m happy to announce my second offering at the altar of dance music: “Conversation At Midnight.” Driven by a hypnotic rhythm that will surely leave you tantalized, this record will keep you waiting for the anticipated climax guided by sinister rhythms and seductive textures…

You are invited down the rabbit hole in search of the next frequency that is to be summoned by this provocative exposé of otherworldly vibrations manifested from the other side. Experimental soundscapes scale every inch of your mind, leaving you in a state of wonder. Where this record will take you is unknown, but if you follow the rhythm and catch the flow, you might end up completely letting go…

Tattoo your mind with this underground sound and surrender yourself to the vibe in this provocative release from Sin Problemas.


Dying to know what you think… x

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