0005 – Uncontaminated


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Uncontaminated




Today I am delighted to announce my fifth offering at the hallowed altar of dance music, as promised!

0005 is a bit of a deeper vibe compared to my first four releases. I wanted it to display a sense of duality to the listener, as in the rigid dichotomy between good and evil. I think this theme is very relevant to the times that we are all living through at the moment. We all possess light and darkness to a certain extent, and this was a way of expressing mine in the musical sense. 🌞🌚

This track will always be special to me because it was the first leap I made into the unknown world of the electric guitar, as you will hear at the breakdown. I was debating whether or not I should omit it from the final product, but I was pleasantly surprised with the way it meshed so effortlessly with the other layers. Happy accidents in the creative process are always so elucidating and are a constant reminder to keep pushing the envelope, no matter how hard your mind wants to fight back in saying “NO!”

At the end of the day, I wanted to introduce some versatility into my current body of work, and I firmly believe this record does just that. I’m so very humbled and blessed to be able to continue releasing substantive content into the universe to those who resonate with my energy signature that I’ve worked so very diligently in developing over the past eight and a half years. 🙏

Seeing how we are all of a sudden experts in health, uncontaminated is a reminder to the people of earth that we are ALL uncontaminated beings. The real contamination lies within the system that we have all been forced to live in and accept as reality…

Tattoo your mind and surrender yourself to the much anticipated fifth release courtesy of the sound of Sin Problemas.

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.. x. 🔮

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