0007 – Free of Spells


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Free of Spells

🔥Sin Problemas returns to the underground dance music circuit with his seventh offering entitled “Free of Spells.”
Free of Spells is a deep and hypnotic record that was designed to unwind slowly throughout your senses, hypnotizing you until the very last beat. 🔮

This record was written with no rhyme or reason. 


It was purely concocted in the moment. 


Abstract rhythms and nuanced texture defines the nucleus of this obscure sound that my mind cannot seem to translate into the written word. I firmly believe that it hits a different part of my soul and activates a remote part of my mind that seems to lie dormant while immersed in every day society. 


Go gently on this sonic journey that I present to you here today. It culminates into a euphoric release of mental elucidation. I believe the message, however painted through your mind, will resonate with a deeper part of yourself and develop an affinity for the deeper side of dance music. 😈 

Tattoo your mind and infect your senses with Free of Spells, the latest release from the sound of Sin Problemas.

0007. Available worldwide on everything streaming platform. 🎧

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