0009 – Soul Drop


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I’m excited to announce the release of my ninth offering at the hallowed altar of dance music. I’ve decided that it shall be called “Soul Drop.”

This particular project was one of those unexpected surprises. As an amateur producer, I always thought that I could just create a certain sound out of thin air, but the very means of intention. I soon found out that this wasn’t the case..

I’ve always been a fan of progressive music in the electronic sphere, with @djhernancattaneo and @guyjdiary fueling my passion for the genre which has given me so much inspiration over the years..

I’ve always wanted to produce a proper progressive record. I can humbly say that I believe I did so with this project. The best part? I never intended to while I was in the studio, which I’m always surprised about. Some of the sounds that I’ve been intending to produce have all come unexpectedly, which makes me believe that I tap into a higher plane of consciousness when I’m in my musical element, where I’m unconsciously channelling frequencies and rhythms that somehow make sense to my mind. This has brought so much joy and magic to my existence. ✨

I consider Soul Drop to be a very spiritual record. It came from a deep and passionate part of my soul. It was electrifying to witness it all come together in real time. It speaks to me in ways that this shallow reality is unable. It carries an essence that I have been unable to find in this world..

I can only hope that it electrifies you in the same way that it has me.🌟

It has some very low end frequencies, so make sure that you enjoy it on a nice pair of speakers or headphones, and, as always – don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think. I’m always fascinated by the many different ways that my sound is experienced..

Tattoo your mind and surrender yourself to the sound of Sin Problemas. 🎧

The truth lives inside of you.🕉


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