0016 – Self-Realization


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Self-Realization

Sin Problemas returns to the underground dance music circuit with a new offering in the form of a Techno vibe entitled “Self-Realization.” 💡

It’s so difficult to really place a genre on anything I produce yet alone anything else seeing how wide and diverse the world of electronic music is becoming, so I’m trying to stay away from any type of description behind my sound. I would rather you listen to it… feel it… and let your soul decide what type of effect it has over your neural network.

Self-Realization was another special production of mine that really hit the mark in terms of the type of sound that has *really* inspired me over the years. 🚀

I’ve always been about the percussion in my music. I can’t not have a rhythm in any of my tracks that doesn’t get that primal part of your soul moving like it did our ancestors as they were moving to the sounds of tribal rhythms, summoning god knows what from the other side. The tribal and percussive elements of music have always seduced me, and I firmly believe that they play the exact role that they were intended to in this track. 🥁

Figuring out what I want to release on any given day is always a challenge, but I have been called to let this one free by my higher self, so its will shall be done. ✨🙏🏼✨

So, here you have the christening of my 0016th release that is bound to make you feel something different outside of the everyday drab simulation that we are all subjected toward participating in.

Thank God for music, passion, and a relentless drive to bring something to the table larger than yourself. 🛸

Long live the divine spark that lives within all of us… ✨

Tattoo your mind and tune into the 0016th release from Sin Problemas: Self-Realization.

Available on all platforms worldwide! 🎧 👽 🎧

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