0017 – La Rosa Negra


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – La Rosa Negra

Today marks the momentous occasion of announcing my 0017th offering in the form of my track entitled “La Rosa Negra.” 🥀

I’ve been holding onto this record for awhile. I wasn’t sure when to originally release it because it always felt like it has that different slice to me. After 0016 releases, the gods have finally called on me to let this one loose and I am delighted in doing so! ✨🙏🏼✨

La Rosa Negra has always been that project that really diversified my skill sets in the studio. I’ve always been obsessed with percussive elements, but I challenged myself with this project by aiming to make it more melodic than usual. I firmly believe I hit the mark! I really took a chance with this one seeing that it was the first time stepping into the arena of melodic dance music, and I have absolutely no regrets in doing so! 👽

The Nelly’s is really the foundation of this record. This project has certainly been engineered to stir you through an exploration of your senses, to introduce you to the subtle nuances of your emotional palette… 🎭

Overall – I stand very proud next to La Rosa Negra for the challenge it presented me in stepping outside of my comfort zone. I endeavored to show versatility in my host of work through this project, and I believe that aim was fully accomplished. 🚀

So, enough from me.

Fancy a listen yet?! 🎧✨🎧

Tattoo your mind with the 0017th release from the sound of Sin Problemas.

Available worldwide. 🌎


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