0018 – Cutting Edge


LISTEN HERE: Sin Problemas – Cutting Edge

There are some tracks that producers sit on for awhile waiting for that special moment to let go of. Cutting Edge certainly was one of those gems.I’m happy to announce to the world that it has finally been summoned from the other side in the form of what you are about to experience through your neural network.

I produced Cutting Edge a while ago, but it has always had that timeless feel to me. When I think deeply about this track, I would surely describe it as how my encounter with the supernatural world would go. My encounter with the alien race.👽 Being transported into their ships, being taken into a world beyond our material existence in the physical realm, as indicated by the lush and cosmic breakdown that ensues. It is surely an adventure for your human senses to embark on, and you will not be disappointed!


Cutting Edge is probably one of my favorites that I’ve produced, and I have no doubt that it will stimulate your senses and bring you beyond your physical vessel in a way that you will find unique, stimulating, and exciting. It is not just one sound or genre, but rather a mixture of sound that has influenced the direction of my creative vision for some time now, such as Trance, Tech, and Techno.

It really is such a trip looking back on your work and reflecting on various projects, remembering the doubt, and frustration that came with it, the insomnia that ensued after not nailing that chord progression or not quite having that bassline sounding the way you want it, relishing in the obsessive compulsive thought process of a mad scientist who desires to manifest his thoughts onto this physical plane of existence.


The best part? You never know what the final product is going to sound like, or look like. I have no doubt, with that said, that there is in fact a force beyond my conscious level of understanding that allows me to do what I do in the sense of manifesting these otherworldly soundscapes and grooves, and I shall forever be humbled to be the vessel in which the sound of Sin Problemas shall be shared.

On that note – prepare your mind for the journey of a lifetime. Available WORLDWIDE. – SP

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